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About this project

The first of the Goddesses is a wall hanging bronze sculpture based on Hypnos the Greek God of sleep in the British Museum. My ceramic version was three times life sized so to reduce this face to life sized she was first 3D scanned reduced and printed, before having a silicon mold made for the lost wax casting process. The patination makes her look like a marble statue coming to life with the tawny owls wings those from the Eastern Mediterranean. One wing enfolding the face further evokes sleep.


£2500 — £2500


bronze, Greek gods, sleep


Ceramics, Pottery, Metal work, Technology


Ceramics, Plastics, Metal
Hypnia wall hanging bronze sculpture.
Photographer: Ama Menec
Hypnia in full sun. Her mood changes with the light.
Hypnia in Morning Light.
Photographer: Ama Menec
The mood is greatly altered with Hypnia depending on the light.
Hypnia on a cream background in even sunlight.
Photographer: Ama Menec
How Hypnia looks on an outside wall in good even light.

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Disciplines Metal work, Ceramics, Pottery, Traditional
Materials Metal, Ceramics, Mixed Media

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Disciplines Metal work, Traditional
Materials Mixed Media, Metal