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Crafts Council

Beauty and the bead

About this project

Beads as a central element, looking at them in a different way


£75 — £400


beads, gems, gold, silver




Gems, Precious metal
18ct gold ring with grey pearl
Photographer: An Alleweireldt
silver and rockcrystal necklace
Photographer: Juluet Sheath
Bringing out some color in rock crystal by adding red cord
Paperclip earrings with red detail
Photographer: An Alleweireldt
Silver earrings with rock crystal and red detail
Beauty and the bead rings
Photographer: An Alleweireldt
protecting the precious bead in this ring. 18ct gold with tiger eye, chrysoprase and green agate
18ct gold and tiger eye
Photographer: An Alleweireldt
golden tiger eye plays with the light like a planet and goes so well with 18ct gold

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Disciplines Design, Jewellery
Materials Precious metal, Gems

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