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Ann Richards


Southsea, Hampshire


Textiles, texture, 'natural' pleating


£30 — £400


I trained initially as a biologist, and now the natural world provides me with design ideas for textiles. My fabrics are smooth and rectangular on the loom, but they are transformed when soaked in water. The energy of high-twist wools and silks is released, causing yarns to spiral spontaneously, shaping the fabrics into textured scarves and garments. My textile jewellery combines traditional textile fibres with a silk/steel yarn to give the fabric a ‘memory’ for additional pleats and folds.


Soft Engineering: Textiles Taking Shape

13 Jan 2018
Touring exhibition together with knitter Alison Ellen and weaver Deirdre Wood. CIty Space at Winchester Discovery Centre, SO23 8SB. 13 January - 18 February 2018. Exploring the interplay of raw materials and structure in weaving and knitting.

Soft Engineering: Textiles Taking Shape at NCCD 12 Nov 2016 - 8 Jan 2017

06 Jul 2016
Bringing together the work of three makers, Ann Richards, Deirdre Wood ad Alison Ellen. Having pursued separate careers in knitting and weaving, they find many common threads that have now inspired them to work together on this joint exhibition.

Work on show at Omega Studio

06 Jul 2016
A selection of my textile jewellery will be included in an exhibition at Omega Studio Selling Exhibition of Contemporary Jewellery, Art, Ceramics and Basketry. Saturday 16 July for 4 weeks. Omega Studio 14 Grand Parade St. Leonards-on-sea

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