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The Witchcraft Series

About this project

The idea of "the witch" is a strong presence in modern Western culture, and in history. Accounts of witch-trials across Europe provide source material for this series of tapestries, to commemmorate individual executed women killed for imaginary crimes, and to reflect upon modern-day fears and anxieties. Often texts and images from original documents are used to depict the charges against accused "witches". Diagrams and data from modern science reflect on climate change and genetic engineering.


£250 — £16000






The Witchcraft Series: Sator, Arepo, Tenet, Opera, Rotas
Photographer: Mei Lim
Magic good-luck charms were often buried beneath cow barns in England & Wales up to the 20th century. Images from these are shown, framed by all the statutes against witchcraft in English common law.
The Witchcraft Series: Ursula Kempe, St. Osyth, Essex, 1582
Photographer: Mei Lim
Ursula Kempe was hanged at St. Osyth, Essex in 1582, as part of a great wave of witch-trials in Essex. A skeleton, reputed to be hers, was dug up in 1929 and became a great tourist attraction. The tapestry also depicts some of the magic she was accused of practicing. Dimensions: 174 x 176 cm
The Witchcraft Series: For Luck at Sea (The Grimsby Trawlers) Ross Tiger; GY 398
Photographer: Mei Lim