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About this project

This was originally one of my earliest forays into anticlastic raising. The first pieces I made were rather large and heavy and I eventually abandoned them. Later I revisited them on a smaller scale and made them much lighter and more wearable. The new pieces are still among my favourites.
The name "Cornucopia" refers to the twisting forms, wider and more open at one end and narrowing to a point, reminiscent of the Horn of Plenty of Greek myth.


£113 — £250


anticlastic, sculptural, twisting, corkscrewing, sinuous




Metal, Precious metal
Cornucopia ring
Photographer: Jerry Lebens
This ring is still one of my favourites. It has the same overlapping feature as the Cornucopia bangle, one which is particularly simple and effective.
Cornucopia pendant style 1
Photographer: Jerry Lebens
This pendant, in its original form, was one of the first anticlastic pieces I designed. In my inexperience I made it rather heavy and clumsy. This is the redesigned piece, which is far lighter and easier to wear.
Cornucopia brooch detail
Photographer: Jerry Lebens
This brooch is similar in design to the Pendant style 1. The image shows a detail of the pin, which is integral to the body of the piece; it is all made from a single sheet of silver.

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