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Forget-me-Knot range

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About this project

These pieces had a very simple origin - I wanted to see if I could make a knot by anticlastic raising. It turned out I could, albeit the simplest type of knot.
The range consists of a pendant, studs, bangle and a brooch with an integral pin and catch. They are all available with 22ct gold plating on the inside surfaces or in plain silver.


£150 — £310






Metal, Precious metal
Forget-me-Knot brooch
Photographer: Sylvain Deleu
This brooch is particularly challenging to make. The tightness of the curve needs to be carefully judged so that the ends - which carry the pin and catch - do not protrude too far. The pin and catch are integral - the whole brooch is made from a single piece of silver.
Forget-me-Knot bangle with 22ct gold plating
Photographer: Sylvain Deleu
This bangle is made from Sterling silver and the inside surface is plated with 22 carat gold. The plating was done by F Sinclair of Hatton Garden.
Forget-me-Knot studs
Photographer: Sylvain Deleu
These studs present a challenge simply on account of their small size (c. 1.2cm x 1cm). It's quite hard to pull the curve around tightly enough. They are made from Britannia silver.
Plume pendant
Photographer: Paul Mounsey
The units of which this piece is composed are exactly the same as in the necklace, but the vertical stringing makes them hang quite differently.
Plume earrings style 1
Photographer: Paul Mounsey
These earrings derive from the pendant. Each has three units of equal length suspended from 1mm snake chain.

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Materials Precious metal

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