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Garden Spoons

About this project

This project started a few years ago when I was renovating my garden.  There was a lot of domestic waste buried there and I kept unearthing tools and cutlery.  I work in both precious and base metals, and sitting in my garden workshop, I began to think about what was precious, e.g. the natural environment and my relationship as a jeweller and silversmith to it.  This led me to combine materials from the garden with precious metal(silver) and also to look again at garden tools in this context.


£75 — £195


#silver #environmental #gardens #precious




Mixed Media, Precious metal
Photographer: Annie Beardsley
forged nail, twine, sterling silver. 180mm x 50mm x 12mm
Six Garden Spoons
Photographer: Annie Beardsley
Sterling silver, garden woods. 170mm x 30mm x 15mm apx.
Small spoon with blackthorn handle
Photographer: Annie Beardsley
Sterling silver, blackthorn. 70mm x 20mm

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