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Rachmaninov - A Creative Journey

About this project

Rachmaninov - A Creative Journey was a commissioned project from the Southbank Centre in celebration of the passing of the gay marriage act, with their Festival of Love 2014. BeatWoven was asked to weave the nations Rachmaninov’s piano concerto no.2 as an art piece to hang in members bar,  outside the Royal Festival Hall. The London Philharmonic Orchestra was to play the concerto live at the screening of the famous British love film ‘Brief Encounter’.


£165 — £400


Music, Weave, Art, pattern, innovation, technology, luxury


Textiles, Design


Rachmaninov - Piano Concerto 2 Literal Translation
Woven using Silk warp, silk and wool weft, with a metallic steel yarn.
Rachmaninov - Abstract
Woven on a silk warp with silk and wool weft, and an antique copper yarn.
Rachmaninov - Silk Scarf 138cm x 138cm
Pure silk with a gold metallic yarn.
Rachmaninov Silk Scatter Cushions
34cm x 34cm Woven using silks, wools and a steel metallic yarn.
Rachmaninov Small Scatter cushions
34cm x 34cm

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Disciplines Textiles, Technology, Conceptual
Materials Textiles, Mixed Media

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