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Jumper to Lend, Jumper to Mend

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About this project

Mending clothes is not a new process, nor is the idea of stitching as a reparational experience for mind and body.

The very visible mends in this jumper highlight practiced wardrobe maintenance, visibly wrought through the colours and textures of the fixing yarn. The ‘slogan’ of repair embedded into the garment sites the jumper as activism.

commissioned for Textile Toolbox and Walford Mill Crafts
Video about it here:


mending, repairing, darning, patching, fixing, jumper


Traditional, Textiles


Jumper to Lend, Jumper to Mend
Photographer: Bridget Harvey
Darned and patched jumper for Walford Mill Crafts Centre exhibition 'Knit 1, Mend 1' 2015
Textile Toolbox website
Photographer: Bridget Harvey
Repair Kit
Photographer: Bridget Harvey
Conceptual Repair Kit
Photographer: Bridget Harvey
Lanolin, carders and scissors
Jumper to Lend on display at Textile Toolbox launch, November 2014
Photographer: Bridget Harvey

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