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The Department of Repair (curation)

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About this project

The Department Of Repair was a six week project at Camberwell Space, intending to contribute to the emergence and sustainability of repair cultures, and explore damage.  The first three weeks consisted of an exhibition and series of generative workshops run by makers. The second three week period was a static exhibition including the workshop outcomes, a presentation and other events. .  The aim was to create a temporary hub for showing, enacting and discussing repair as part of making.


Curation, repair, mend, fix




Mixed Media
The Department of Repair, part 1
Photographer: Bridget Harvey
Workshop at The Department of Repair
Photographer: Bridget Harvey
The Department of Repair logo
Photographer: Maiko Tsutsumi
Hand painted logo on wall in Camberwell Space

Previous project

Ongoing Repaired Objects

Disciplines Ceramics, Pottery, Conceptual, Textiles, Traditional
Materials Ceramics, Glass, Textiles, Recycled, Mixed Media

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