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Falmouth inspired Rock Pots

About this project

After visiting the coastal path in Falmouth I developed a series of Vessels with relief textures drawings that enhance the hand coiled vessels below. The contrast of the white stones against the black rocks inspired me to recreate a range of drawings in clay that mimicked the rhythmic textured surface. The Vulcan clay creates a volcanic surface and the added addition of porcelain slip responded to the glazes with a high gloss finish.


£45 — £410


Stoneware, volcan clay, porcerlain, slip, drawing, texture, glazes


Ceramics, Pottery


Small Falmouth Rock Pot
Photographer: Photograph: London Potter Assocosiation
Hand coiled Volcan clay vessel, with porcelain slip
Falmouth Rock Pool bowl
Photographer: Photograph: Arthur Rummel
Hand built Stoneware coiled pot using black volcan clay and porcelain slip
Encrusted Rock pool bowl
Photographer: London Potters association
Volcan clay , hand coiled with porcelain slip

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