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Catriona R. MacKenzie

Catriona R. MacKenzie - CatMacKGlass

Glassmaker, designer and jeweller

Bristol, City of Bristol


Pattern, Colour, glass


£30 — £950


I would describe my style as clean and bold, incorporated with an element of fun. I like to play with the glass and the layering properties it encourages. By using layers of colour, pattern and surface carving, I produce tactile pieces of glass. I employ hot glass techniques, and cold-worked decoration in order to achieve this.

These themes continue through into my lampworked glass elements, which I am combining with silver and brass, to create ranges of contemporary glass jewellery.


Pastures New Exhibition

02 Apr 2016
I am pleased to announce that I have been asked to exhibit my glasswork in the "Pastures New" Exhibition on the 2nd of April until the 5th of June at The Byre Gallery in Cornwall. I shall be exhibiting a couple of my ranges of blown glassware.

New Website Online!

12 Jan 2016
I have recently updated to a new website. Please click on the link and have a browse over the work I create/have created. I would really appreciate feedback if you have anything to comment. Enjoy.

R&A Collaborations Art Film winner!

08 Dec 2015
Pleased to announce that I will have a film made about me and my glass in the new year! "R&A Collaborations - We're pleased to announce this years 4 Christmas Barter Films, [which includes] Contemporary blown glass artist Catriona R. MacKenzie"

Available for commissions


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