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About this project

‘Avenue’ is a temporary, site-specific, woven installation developed for the Festival of Thrift at Kirkleatham Museum.

Inspired by the recent history of arson within the stable blocks of Kirkleatham Museum, the artwork was hand-woven using decommissioned fire-hoses and hand-cut polythene sheeting and supported by a steel framework.

Made with support Arts Council England, Navigator North, East Street Arts, Festival of Thrift and Cleveland Fire Brigade.


installation, recycled, interactive


Textiles, Conceptual


Recycled, Textiles, Mixed Media
Photographer: John Hesford
Site-specific installation 'Avenue', designed as a walk-through experience for visitors to Festival of Thrift 2016
Avenue 2
Photographer: John Hesford
Detail of woven de-commissioned firehoses
Avenue 3
Photographer: John Hesford
Detail of 'Avenue'
Avenue 4
Photographer: John Hesford
Detail of woven polythene

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