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Collection Earth Treasure, precious metals rings with Diamonds & South Sea Pearls

CJ Poupazis London

Designer Maker Gold & Silversmith

OXO Towers South Bank, Greater London


artist, gold & silversmith, designer


£150 — £7000


I create jewellery and art straight from my heart using precious metals & gems that relate to human experiences.
My work is inspired by legends, myths, my photography, life’s tiny structures, & anything that I feel passionate about. These influences can be seen in my work Collections Gaia a tribute to Mother Earth & DNA.
My work knows no boundaries, limitations or signature.  I make individual pieces of art to admire, wear and have fun with.


Santana's New Pieces! Hand painted jewellery to Have & Enjoy

14 Dec 2016
Collection Santana at OXO Towers 1.17 First Floor, London SE1 9PH

Available for commissions



Collection Gaia

Disciplines Silversmithing, Jewellery, Design
Materials Gems, Precious metal, Recycled

Collection DNA

Disciplines Jewellery, Silversmithing, Design
Materials Precious metal, Gems

Collection Creatures

Disciplines Jewellery, Conceptual, Design
Materials Precious metal

Collection Santana

Disciplines Jewellery, Design, Printing, Paper, Technology
Materials Precious metal, Mixed Media, Paper


Disciplines Conceptual, Traditional, Jewellery, Design, Technology
Materials Gems, Precious metal, Recycled

Earth Treasures

Disciplines Jewellery
Materials Precious metal, Gems

New Project, Wooden Wands & Sceptres

Disciplines Design, Wood
Materials Wood, Mixed Media, Organic Material, Precious metal, Gems