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Industrial Nature

About this project

Recognisable flower elements that are used today in many traditional and contemporary health remedies and skin creams are incorporated in my vase forms. The shapes echo ancient Roman perfume jars and bottles that held oils and precious ointments for beauty and cleanliness.

The ceramics bring a natural order closer to home and allow it to gently thrive. The vases prolong the life of cut flowers because the clay retains moisture and breathes due to the way they are fired


£160 — £950


flowers, casting, nature, terra sigillata


Ceramics, Pottery, Conceptual, Design


Base chakra vase
Photographer: Sarah Core
Terracotta cast with terra sigillata and fired lavender.
geranium sacral chakra base
Photographer: Sarah Core
Single stem vase, cast from a thrown form in white earthenware, with natural ochre terra sigillata surface
Lavender amphora
Photographer: Sarah Core
large circular lidded amphora. Earthenware and cast lavender spray

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Materials Ceramics

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