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Origami Home - Paper Furniture

About this project

The Origami Home is a book of Origami furniture designed by Mark Bolitho. The project showed Origami in a more stylised way, including wall paper designs and patterns to bring the models to life.


Origami furniture, origami, paper, book


Paper, Conceptual, Design


Origami Home
Photographer: www.creaselightning.co.uk and Michael Wicks
Cover of the book Origami Home
Furniture Medley in white
Photographer: www.creaselightning.co.uk
Various Furniture models developed in the development stage of the book production
Living Room
Photographer: www.creaselightning.co.uk
Final models for the living room section
Dining room
Photographer: www.creaselightning.co.uk
Final dining room set for Origami Home
Origami Home - Outside space
Photographer: www.creaselightning.co.uk
A stylised patio for the Origami Home

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