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Pearson Book Covers

About this project

Work on a series of Origami models and paper sculptures for the Pearson and Edexcel teacher curriculum guides.  The series covers around fifty guides from Art History to Psychology.  Projects included Creatures and animals to more literal objects such as diamonds and microscopes.


Origami, Paper craft


Paper, Design


Paper Birds
Photographer: www.creaselightning.co.uk
Birds associated with various countries for edexcel language revision guides.
Paper tiger
Photographer: www.creaselightning.co.uk
Cover for GCSE statistics revision guide
Paper Polar Bear
Photographer: www.creaselightning.co.uk
Cover for Geography Revision guide
Paper Models work in progress
Photographer: www.creaselightning.co.uk
Polar bear, Microscopes and birds
Paper Parot
Photographer: www.creaselightning.co.uk
Cover for GCSE Art Curriculum guide

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