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Mixed Links no.2

About this project

I can now reveal the second of my new ‘MIxed Links’ collection. At the end of march 2015 I announced that I wanted to combine all the wonderful materials I have used in my work over the years and was working to balance them together.
This is ‘Mixed Links’ no.2 in black - one of a kind statement necklace in paper, acrylic, beading and silver.  I have layered and carved the paper elements out of recycled newspaper, hand sewn 1mm beads to integrate a clasp and link and cut and polished an acrylic


acrylic, statement necklace, one of a kind, rubber, recycled paper, silver, beading, black




Mixed Media, Plastics, Precious metal, Paper, Recycled, Glass
Mixed Links no.2 in black
Photographer: Dani Crompton Designs
Detail of a mixed media statement necklace in acrylic, rubber, silver and beading. One of a kind.

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