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Hidden Damage

About this project

For me mirrors represent the presented self. A literal reflection of how we wish to be seen, hiding beneath the surface is our true selves. By using whole, broken, and repaired mirrors, this collection explores the different stages of mental health and the pressure to present a perfect image of yourself, when inside you are broken. Using the Kintsugi technique of repairing with gold, I have created pieces of jewellery which show the beauty in the broken.


£90 — £1650


Conceptual, art jewellery, ethical, mental health, silversmithing, kintsugi, recycled silver




Mixed Media, Precious metal
Healing Cycle
Photographer: Meredith Andrews
Exploring the cycle of loss and recovery of mental health. Recycled silver, glass mirror, Kinstugi. 20 inch necklace. All models used live with mental illness.
Photographer: Meredith Andrews
Spinning pendant, on one side it is healed with Kintsugi, on the other broken. Recycled silver, Glass mirror, Kinstugi. 18inch chain, 1inch spinning mirror. All models used live with mental illness.
Healing Process
Photographer: Meredith Andrews
Recovery is not a straight line, one can have three weeks f progress followed by days of lows. recycled silver, glass mirror, Kintsugi. 30 inch necklace, mirror measure 0.5 inch to 0.75 All models used live with mental illness

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Materials Glass, Precious metal, Mixed Media