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Stitching a Love Story

About this project

The work in this exhibition is about my journey as a parent, having children has made me reflect on my own upbringing and priorities. The portrait work examines the relationships between family members, the joys and the frustrations.


£2000 — £5000


Hand embroidered textiles, Text, portraits, family, children, portraits of children




He is so like you
Photographer: Emily Jo Gibbs
'I always knew you would be a great Dad' One of things Emily admires about her husband is that he dares to be different; he is interested in the unusual and the nonconformist. He also enjoys provoking a reaction; the irony is their son is just the same and drives his father to distraction. 2013 Cotton, silk organza, hand stitch Framed 50cm x 40.5cm

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