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'Korembi' Sacred Leaf Vessels

About this project

Fay participated in a Craftspace collective ‘pop-up’ installation event in Birmingham. In direct response to the date (Hiroshima Remembrance Day) and space (St Philips, Cathedral square) Fay created a Japanese ‘Ema’ wishing tree as a nature platform to open dialogue and record the public responses in regards to their own wishes, hopes and dreams. This work developed to create ‘light’ vessels inspired by Bali (Indonesia), where Frangipani flora is used in everyday offerings, blessings and prayer.


£15 — £45


Flora, porcelain, ceramics, hand made, travel, sacred, white, customised, light, decorative


'Sacred' Light Vessels
Photographer: London Potters
Porcelain Frangipani leaf vessels inspired by philosophy of nature, light and travel, specifically to Bali, Indonesia, where Frangipani are used in everyday prayer and blessings. The plinths were collected in Tokyo, Japan, being sake cups used to bless and celebrate an event.
'Ema' Wishing Leaves
Photographer: Fay De Winter
Customised bone china and porcelain Frangipani leaves, printed using Victorian type. Inspired by a trip to Japan, with Ema wishes placed at the entrance of a Shinto shrine to act as a nature platform to express hopes, wishes and dreams.
Raku 'to enjoy' Leaf Vessels
Photographer: Fay De Winter
A range of Raku fired leaf vessels using a variety of crackle and lustre glaze finishes.

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