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About this project

Each of our vessels are individually turned on a wood lathe from locally sourced British hardwood. Working with the Forestry Commission we look to source a variety of sustainably managed and storm damaged sections of tree. The unpredictability of the material constantly challenges our methods of production. We reference the simplicity of form found in Japanese ceramics, and the fragile nature of excavated pottery in the way that each vessel has its own trace of life and mark of the maker’s hand.


woodturning, vessels




Collection of Vessels
Photographer: Forest + Found
Carved Ash, Notched Red Oak and Silver Birch
Photographer: Forest + Found
Knotted Lime, Split Oak and Sweet Chestnut
Photographer: Forest + Found
Cracked Oak, Worn oak and Ebonised oak
Photographer: Forest + Found
Offering Bowl and Scorped Ash
Photographer: Forest + Found

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