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Some pieces of a sample collection of wedding corsetry and skirts, custom-made specifically for a photo-shoot.  These items are all extensively embroidered, using the structure of a silk corset to provide a firm foundation for the stitching and beading.  The techniques used are gold work and beading in the samples shown.


corsetry, silk, embroidery, gold work, beads, wedding


Textiles, Traditional


Elizabeth corset with full tulle skirt
Photographer: Andrew Paterson Photography
This silk corset has an embroidered front panel which was inspired by the Ditchley portrait of Elizabeth 1. It is worn over a full circle tulle skirt.
Sorcha silk embroidered corset
Photographer: Andrew Paterson Photography
This corset in ivory silk has been hand embroidered with a Celtic Knot motif, using the technique of gold work with a subtle emphasis of pearls.
Isadora gown
Photographer: Andrew Paterson Photography
The Isadora corset is made of ivory silk, and heavily beaded in an Art Nouveau design using vintage pearls in shades of peach and ivory. The corset is teamed with a simple gathered skirt in ivory chiffon and a full length tulle veil.

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