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A Portrayal of Composure

About this project

Originating from conceptual roots, this collection has developed into an exploration of material, form and scale. Made from layers of intricately cut birch wood, combined by small glimmers of sterling silver rivets.

Birch wood naturally is a beautiful white colour, offering itself to dying which is all done by hand. Dark natural tones, the natural crisp white birch wood and deep oxblood red.


£55 — £300


geometric, lasercut, wood, birch, jewellery, contemporary jewellery, hand dye, rivets


Wood, Design, Conceptual


Wood, Precious metal
Bars Bangles
Photographer: Harriet Rose Knight
Beautiful, durable, intricate and chunky.
Bars Necklace
Photographer: Harriet Rose Knight
Wonderfully lightweight, this oversized chain makes for a bold statement.
Tall Rings
Photographer: Harriet Rose Knight
Standing tall from the hand, these rings are playful, modern and bold jewels.

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Disciplines Jewellery, Silversmithing, Wood, Design
Materials Wood, Precious metal