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About this project

Woodlands is a celebration of one tree’s life. From its falling, to its preservation in peat over many thousands of years. A rare and unique find as there are only so many trees that have been fortunate enough to survive the onset of rotting through the protection of the peat bog land.

The objective was to sculpt a collection of pieces that would do justice to this Oak tree’s journey and draw inspiration from a silhouetted woodland scene.


Contemporary, objects of utility and scuplture, kitcheware, wooden spoons, wood, bog oak, scoops, spoons, handcrafted, handmade


Wood, Design, Conceptual


Wood, Organic Material
Photographer: Midgley Green - http://www.midgleygreen.com/
A conceptual collection, inspired by British woodlands and an the ancient and unique material, Bog Oak. This project was a commission and concept from Katherine Midgley & Seamus Green, the founders of contemporary crafts shop, Midgley Green. A strong and inspiring brief with a clear visual goal.
The making
Photographer: Luke Hope
This was my first experience working with Bog Oak, a hard and visually striking wood. As I got to know the material I was able to choose pieces that were soft enough to comfortably work with knives but still had the jet blacks and deep blues we wanted for the finish of the pieces.
The finishing
Photographer: Midgley Green
The final stage of making, involves sealing the pieces with a homemade mineral oil & beeswax balm.

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