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The Well Proven Chair

About this project

The Well Proven Chair began with the discovery that within industry between 50-80% waste is created in processing raw timber into usable products. We decided to try and make a new material from this waste that usually comes in the form of sawdust, shavings or chippings. We discovered a bizarre reaction between this wood waste and bio-resin where the mixture expands up to five times its original volume into a strong, lightweight foamed material. In collaboration with Marjan van Aubel


£600 — £1500


experimental, foam, waste


Design, Furniture, Conceptual, Wood


Wood, Organic Material, Mixed Media, Recycled
The Well Proven Chair
Photographer: Paul Plews

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Disciplines Design, Conceptual, Furniture, Glass, Printing, Wood, Toys and Instruments
Materials Mixed Media, Organic Material, Wood, Stone, Recycled, Glass