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About this project


A series of sculptural pieces loosely based on the unseen and microscopic organisms of life, and of their growth, death, decay and regeneration. These alternative ecosystems are small scale, complex, organised structures which can sometimes be read as visual analogies for the situations or states of mind we experience.


£300 — £800


colonies, organic, growth, decay, small scale, complex, structures, states of mind, porcelain, metals


Ceramics, Pottery, Jewellery, Conceptual


Ceramics, Metal
Avoided Issues.
Photographer: jan goodey
Hedging ones bets / Indecision or dithering. porcelain, iron wire, lead. 100mm x 100mm x 100mm
Photographer: jan goodey
A colony of wishes waiting to spread and multiply. porcelain, copper, lead. 100mm x 100mm x 40mm
Photographer: jan goodey
Desires and fears are the flip side of each other, symbiotic in nature. This Colony can be viewed from any angle
Hopes and Disappointments - Waiting in vain.
Photographer: jan goodey
The hundreds of individual steel and lead elements move freely through the porcelain plate but cannot escape their track.
Hopes and Disappointments - Waiting in Vain.
Photographer: jan goodey
Alternative view in a more balanced state of mind. porcelain, steel, lead. 100mm x 100mm x 100mm

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Materials Ceramics, Metal

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