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Urban Breakthrough installation piece

About this project

New larger scale installation work made for Wells Art Contemporary REWIND exhibition, a sculpture made from a grid of 11 rows of 11 cubes, all hand made in the studio over several months of experimenting with different casting techniques, materials and interventions.
Photgraphed by Deborah Husk


installation, urban landscape, plaster, cement, resin, textiles, thread, spores, seeds, organic


Mixed Media, Paper, Textiles, Metal
Urban Breakthrough 2017
Photographer: Deborah Husk
New scale, new project, installation piece for Wells Art Contemporary REWIND exhibition October 2017
Detail of Urban Breakthrough
Photographer: Deborah Husk
A close up of some of the 121 cubes that make up 'Urban Breakthrough'
Detail of 'Urban Breakthrough'
Photographer: Deborah Husk
Some of the 121 cubes that make up 'Urban Breakthrough'

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