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Janie Graham

Book paper artist

St Albans, Hertfordshire


altering books, creating narratives, communicating ideas


£300 — £800


I take inspiration from the title and subject matter of a book and add an exciting new dimension. The altered book regains value and becomes a vehicle for the construction of narratives. It may be ‘read’ in an entirely new way.

Using scalpels, tweezers and surgical instruments, discarded books are lovingly vandalised back to life by folding, cutting and manipulating portions of text. My work is playful and displays a light witty character. A passion for craftsmanship is immediately obvious.


Paper Scissors Stone - taking paper beyond the page

20 Mar 2015
'Paper Scissors Stone' is an imaginative body of work based around the re-shaping of paper, narrative and meaning. Different yet complementary styles of work make this an exciting touring exhibition by four paper artists from Hertfordshire.

Available for commissions


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'The 39 Steps'

Disciplines Paper
Materials Paper

'Treasure Island' by Robert Louis Stevenson

Disciplines Paper
Materials Paper