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Jo Cope

Conceptual Fashion Designer

Leicester, Leicestershire


Conceptual, human body, fashion


Conceptual fashion designer working at the intersection of fashion, art and craft. Combining traditional hand craft process with aspects of new technology. Combining the beauty of craft with conceptual thinking.

The radical works have a strong connection with the human body concepts often relating to real life experience and emotion, discussing notions of the self as visual metaphor.

Known for strong minimalist future facing aesthetics, multilayered making and material methodologies.


Mind Fashion - New Collective launched

28 Nov 2017
A multidisciplinary network of experts, showing the value of Fashion as a language, power dialogue and positive contribution to today's world Read 'The Opposite of Addiction' the future potencial of crafted metaphal footwear -theraputic tools -

Available for commissions



Formula Fashion

Disciplines Conceptual, Leather working, Shoemaking, Paper
Materials Leather

Block Party- Dress Block

Disciplines Textiles, Conceptual, Design, Wood, Traditional
Materials Wood, Textiles

The Language of Feet in the Walk of Life

Disciplines Conceptual, Shoemaking, Leather working, Design, Wood, Traditional, Technology
Materials Wood, Leather, Mixed Media