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Vane Collection

About this project

The Vane collection is inspired by the fibres that radiate from the quill of a feather, called the vane.  It includes bracelets and necklaces constructed from a series of discs cut from screen printed, anodised aluminium and spaced along a flexible core.  The bright edges describe a seemingly solid form which is contradicted by light reflecting on the coloured surfaces.  Fastened with magnets the bracelets can be joined together to create a variety of necklace shapes.  Available from my website.


£145 — £645


vane, feather, colour, kinetic, movement, tactile, necklace, bracelet, magnets


Jewellery, Design, Metal work


Metal, Mixed Media, Precious metal
Vane Bracelets Blue/Green
Photographer: John Moore
Two Vane bracelets.
Vane Bracelets/Necklace Black/Yellow
Photographer: John Moore
Three Vane bracelets, two joined as a necklace
Vane Bracelets/Necklace Black/Red
Photographer: John Moore
Three Vane bracelets joined as a necklace
Vane Necklace Blue/Green (knotted)
Photographer: John Moore
Thick necklace from the Vane collection. Anodised aluminium, silver, silicone and magnets.
Long Vane Necklace Black/Yellow
Photographer: John Moore
Long Vane necklace from the Vane collection. At 130cm in length this piece can be coiled, knotted and twisted into infinite shapes around the neck or wrist

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