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Crime Waves

About this project

Beneath the surge of headlines and rising tide of moral panic there’s a quieter ebb and flow and undertow to crime. Individual stories of offenders, victims and those who work between the two there are ripples, eddies and subtle undercurrent. Here, in this narrative flow that the realities of crime are found.
Diaphanous materials suspended in a series of lengths and layers forms a base for visual projection with mercurial imagery following surface contours, softly appearing and disappearing.


crime, narrative, diaphonous, imagery


Conceptual, Technology, Design, Textiles


Mixed Media, Textiles
Ebb and Flow
Photographer: Joy Merron
projected imagery onto diaphanous layers depicitng the narrative flow of of Crime Waves
Crime Waves
Photographer: Joy Merron
layers of non woven fabric hand cut and stitched to fine netting, suspended from acrylic rods and illuminated with projected imagery
Tidal shift
Photographer: Joy Merron
projected text and imagery on suspended hand cut layers of non woven fabric depicting stories from the Crime Waves collaboration

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