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Polymorphic Dynamic

About this project

Laser cut layers of non woven fabric hand stitched to fine Japanese net. Each layered cut changes in size to create illusionary, extended perspective and a sense of space. 

First shown at Bath Spa university and subsequently at SIT Select, Stroud International Textiles, Museum in the Park, Stroud and on display at the Decorative Arts Fair in Battersea Park.


layers, non woven, perspective, installation, stroud international textiles, Decorative Arts Fair


Conceptual, Design, Technology, Textiles


Mixed Media, Textiles, Plastics
Polymorphic Dynamic
Photographer: Joy Merron
Laser cut and hand stitched suspended layers occupying space and casting shadows
Polymorphic Dynamic
Photographer: Donna Vale
Suspended in front of a window space to capture outside light , in use as a window screen
Polymorphic Dynamic
Photographer: Bronwen Gwilliam
the panels are hung close together on display at New Designers 2014

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Disciplines Conceptual, Technology, Design, Textiles
Materials Mixed Media, Textiles

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