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Norwich Shawl

About this project

My handwoven shawl Norwich Red has been purchased for the permanent collection at Norwich Castle Museum. It was chosen as a contemporary interpretation of the famous 19 century Norwich shawls. Woven in softly draping silk and alpaca yarns, some of the red dye was from madder grown on my allotment used to suggest the distinctive Norwich Red colouring of the original shawls. Also selected for exhibition at Norwich Cathedral was Flying Shawls, a woven linen/silk 3D piece floating freely in space.


£300 — £2000




Norwich Red handwoven shawl
Photographer: June Croll
handwoven hand-dyed shawl in silk alpaca and gold thread
Flying Shawls
Photographer: June Croll
3D woven art in linen/silk, floating freely in space
Flying Shawls detail
Photographer: June Croll
handwoven linen silk 3D art

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