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About this project

Weeds may act as metaphors in a number of ways; they highlight how we categorise things as desirable or undesirable depending on social and cultural factors and also as a representation of the resilience of nature, despite us pushing it to the margins of our created environments.

Created for my degree show at the Royal College of Art, this site specific installation adds a new life to an otherwise dead space under the stairs.


clay, ceramics, porcelain, concrete, nature, installation, site-specific, weeds, plants


Conceptual, Ceramics, Pottery


Ceramics, Mixed Media
Wildness (installation view)
Photographer: Sylvain Deleu
Wildness (detail)
Photographer: Sylvain Deleu
Photographer: Sylvain Deleu

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Disciplines Ceramics, Pottery, Wood, Conceptual
Materials Ceramics

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Disciplines Ceramics, Pottery, Wood, Design, Conceptual
Materials Ceramics, Wood, Mixed Media