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Ear Tags

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About this project

I hand make ear tag shapes out of thin paperclay in their hundreds. I tie these together with thread, usually silk, to make large sheets of different sizes, colours and compositions. The sheets are suspended from horizontal batons above eye-level. The tags make a pleasant clinking sound when the touch each other.

The tag pieces are a meditation on identity documents, with their standardised formats, mugshots and bar codes.


£100 — £2000


ear tags, Cattle, resonance, sound


Ceramics, Pottery, Conceptual


Ceramics, Textiles
Detail of 'Tag'
Photographer: Steve White
Detail of 'Tag door'
Photographer: Steve White
Photographer: Beytan Erkmen
Porcelain paperclay, terracotta paperclay, glaze, screen-printed decals and red silk.
Tag Door
Photographer: Beytan Erkmen
Tag Tab Top Curtain
Photographer: Kim Bagley
Porcelain paperclay, thread.

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Materials Ceramics

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