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Lines, Levels, Layers at Siobhan Davies London.

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About this project

An exploration into Soil and clay soil.

The three installations positioned throughout the building leads the visitor through the series of processes involved from clay / soil collection across the borough of Southwark to the final large-scale wall hung work.

London has been built on clay soil and London brick has been made from the very material the city stands upon. Soil is the foundation for gardeners and gardening without that plants would not be able to survive, grow or thrive.


soil, clay, london clay and soil, Siobhan DAVIES, Southwark, installations, gardens and allotments, SITE SPECIFIC, EXHIBITION, FORMAL GARDENS


Ceramics, Pottery, Conceptual


Ceramics, Organic Material, Mixed Media
Lines. 2014
Photographer: Gorm Ashurst
Nine samples of London clays and soil collected from different locations across Southwark.
Photographer: Kim Norton 2014
Three different stages as the clay and soil was turned into a liquid drawing material. Box 1: Showing all the objects extracted from the soil across different sites. Box 2: Soil collected from Stuart Road allotments in Nunhead. Box 3: The same soil from box 2 sieved and watered down turning it into a soft slip consistency.
Photographer: Kim Norton 2014
Canvas panels with 19 different soils and clays collected from the borough of Southwark. the collected materials were transformed into a slip consistency in order to be able to use it as a drawing / mark-making tool.

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Disciplines Conceptual, Ceramics, Pottery
Materials Ceramics, Mixed Media

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