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Angiogenesis (detail) 2017

Laura Youngson Coll


London, Greater London


Vellum, making process, conceptual


I work predominantly in vellum, adapting traditional leather working techniques. I create both fictitious and scientific depictions of natural forms; isolated and often painfully intricate. The making process is fundamental to the work; an ongoing dialogue with material. The achromatic and translucent qualities of pared vellum belie the familiarity of recognised form. My practice aims to combine accumulated skill, synonymous with craft practice, with a critical and analytical approach.


Woman's Hour Craft Prize Finalist, V&A

07 Sep 2017
Laura Youngson Coll works primarily in vellum creating arresting examinations of the natural world. Her intricately formed artworks lie somewhere between fiction and fact, as she seeks to articulate the often overlooked details of our environments

Jerwood Makers 2017

28 Jun 2017
Laura presents three works-made from vellum-that explore the cellular morphology of lymphoma, personally significant after losing her partner to the disease.This microscopic perspective will examine the reconciliation the scientific and the personal.

Available for commissions



Jerwood Makers Open 2017

Disciplines Conceptual, Leather working
Materials Leather, Mixed Media, Organic Material

Indicator Species

Disciplines Conceptual, Leather working
Materials Leather, Organic Material, Mixed Media