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Indicator Species

About this project

Indicator Species, is based on lichens. The physiology of lichens means some species can survive in extreme environments, both natural and manmade. They simultaneously demonstrate the incredible adaptability of the natural world and its fragility; some species withstand and even thrive on toxic contaminates and others indicate pollutants by their rapid decline. Each piece depicts lichen indicative of human activity, a subtle reminder of our profound impact on the environments we inhabit.




Conceptual, Leather working


Leather, Organic Material, Mixed Media
Indicator Species (1-5): London; lichens of polluted areas, Eutrophication, Radionuclides, Lead Tetraethyl, Lichens of clean air
Photographer: Image Courtesy of Perrier-Jouet
Installation view Vellum, dyed vellum, veg tan leather, hair sheep leather Cherry twig cast in resin by Kari Furre

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Disciplines Conceptual, Leather working
Materials Leather, Mixed Media, Organic Material