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Once Upon This Time

About this project

Acceptance. Severance. Deliverance. An autobiographical story (completed 2014).

This project represents a gesture of appropriation of family history through which I was able to grow as a person as well as an artist. It was the result of a sustained period of self-reflection and the culmination of an important chapter in my jewellery practice.


narrative, autobiographical, self-reflection




Metal, Recycled, Precious metal, Mixed Media, Paper
Once Upon A Time. Once Upon This Time.
Photographer: Andi Sapey
A character who did not want to be re-written. An object which did not want to be made. A visible gold repair as a sign of acceptance. NECKPIECE (copper, brass, paper etchings, vintage pearls, 18ct gold repair, bone)
Photographer: Andi Sapey
Inherited ivory as the perfect symbol of inherited emotional burden. Here, it is archived in its own museum case. Unable to be touched and to
Photographer: Andi Sapey
The metaphor of a humble pebble realising it is significant enough to be wrapped in gold is a simple and open one. But the fundamental element in this piece is the chain. While it appropriates a family heirloom, providing a link to our personal heritage, it can also be detached and worn on the brooch, or it can be fully removed. The key lies in our awareness and availability of this choice. BROOCH (18ct gold, pebble, steel, silver. Linkable to inherited chatelaine)

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