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About this project

A new story often manifests itself just through the sudden thought of a simple title or phrase, or the persistent nudging of a found or collected object. Being bi-lingual, language is also another powerful material for me, and one that holds an endless fascination.

These are just a few of the stories I’ve been telling so far…


£300 — £900


narrative, language, storytelling, found objects, one-off, playful, thoughtful


Mixed Media
My Kinda Gold (series)
Photographer: Lieta Marziali
Simple pebbles appeared in my work very early on as my way of expressing the human condition: all the same and yet all different, each with their own strengths and weaknesses, individual charisma and flaws. I had often played with the idea of containment to try and represent the way our environment enfolds us. Starting in my Earth series with long tentacle-like prong settings and slowly evolving into the creation of a vessel, these wrapping forms have always been suggestive of both a hug and a prison. My first attempts at a vessel were mostly in metal wire, often stainless steel, either folded over itself or crocheted. This technique was in itself an important development of the process, the basics of which I had learnt as a child during my after-school stays at the local nuns' college, where I very much felt as I was at once being loved and protected and held against my wish. In
Everything I've Ever Loved About You
Photographer: Lieta Marziali
I collected the driftwood and amber (my first find on our once-rich Norfolk shores) after a particularly strong tide early in the year: a powerful spring tide, also a storm tide and a full-moon tide. Never had I seen such pickings on my favourite beach at West Runton. The piece of driftwood, drying in my kitchen for weeks, soon became a familiar object. And yet, every day, I would look through its natural holes and find a new point of view. Every day I would find that a new grain of sand had been released by the closing fabric of the wood. Every day, I would discover another nuance in its seemingly homogeneous colouration. Every day, this tiny object revealed new facets and new emotions to the eye, hand and soul willing to spend time watching, feeling and listening. It takes time to explore. It takes time to feel the inner rhythm of what we think is familiar. NECKPIECE (driftwood, amber, copper)
Round The Bend
Photographer: Lieta Marziali
Sometimes you get an object you just can't put down. It just talks to you from the bench, begging to be used. In this case, I had two. A bright toy car picked up at a boot sale, so yellow it could sing, and the top of an aerosol can found on one my walks, sporting the most gorgeous hues of rust and gold. This is a piece that just simplifies the joy I find in making: the fun of materials, the ingenuity and problem solving, the story-telling. BROOCH (zinc-cast toy car, aerosol can top, jar lid, copper, base metal stud earring, brass, stainless steel)

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