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Artapestry4 - 'The Soft Machine'

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About this project

I am interested in utility cloth and it’s role in art fabric. I’m fascinated by the structure and behaviour of cloth. In parallel I am intrigued by electronic circiuit boards, the lay out and diversity of the components - capacitors, transmitters, oscillators, diodes etc
The arrangement of the parts being vital to the sequence of information transmitted. Each tapestry in this work delights in the unusual mix of organic and plastics material. ‘The Soft Machine’ is the amazing object !


Textiles, Paper


Mixed Media, Paper, Plastics, Textiles
The Soft Machine
Tapestry at Artapestry4 in Rovaniemi
The Soft Machine (detail)
collage of individual tapestries and constructed textiles
The Soft Machine (detail 'spots')
Photographer: Ian Johnston
tapestry collage of woven spots, shapes and drawings

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Creative Scotland Artists' Bursary

Disciplines Traditional, Textiles, Basketry
Materials Organic Material, Mixed Media, Textiles

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Awards: The Theo Moorman Trust for Weavers and Inches Carr Trust

Disciplines Textiles, Traditional, Paper
Materials Textiles, Organic Material