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Awards: The Theo Moorman Trust for Weavers and Inches Carr Trust

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About this project

Using reeds from Duddingston Loch in Edinburgh, an exploration of plant forms for use within woven textile structures was explored. A number of water plants classified broadly as reeds were harvested and grouped based on suitability for spinning or twisting into thread, while others were pulped to make paper. To date a variety of threads have been made and woven as tapestry samples. My thanks to the Theo Moorman Trust for enabling me to conduct this research and change the direction of my work.




Textiles, Traditional, Paper


Textiles, Organic Material
Partof a series of sensory studies related to work at Duddingston Loch
Waders in duddingston Loch
Collecting retted water plants
Flotsam and Jetsam
small tapestries on their looms made from found bark, twigs and twisted fibres

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