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Hand Woven Garments

About this project

University graduate collection from 2009, inspired by Japanese textiles and zero waste textiles. All garments were woven as tubes on the loom, with zero waste fabric and no seams required.


Fashion, textiles, garment, weaving, luxury, leather, skirt, bespoke, feather, structured


Design, Textiles


Leather, Textiles, Mixed Media, Metal
Woven Skirt 2
Photographer: Nathan Kelly
Cotton, Wool, Viscose, Suede, Elastane
Woven Skirt 2
Photographer: Line Nilsen
Cotton, Viscose, Feather, Filament Silk, Elastane
Woven Dress
Photographer: Line Nilsen
Silk, Cotton, Viscose, Copper Wire, Filament Silk, Elastane
Woven Skirt 3
Photographer: Line Nilsen
Cotton, Suede, Filament Silk, Elastane

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