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Empty Vessels

About this project

A body of work funded by Creative Scotland to research and develop new work informed by armoury collections and reflecting on issues of dementia, memory and identity.


£80 — £1600


Creative Scotland


Ceramics, Pottery


Platelet III
Photographer: Lorraine Robson
‘Platelet’ (series) - Glazed and diamond polished slump moulded and altered open vessel referring to armour for aesthetics and the practice of bloodletting to cure ailments historically. The colour red is important. In my Dementia research I discovered there have been some studies finding those with advanced Dementia diagnosis were better able to feed themselves food presented on red crockery. Colour recognition is lost as the disease progresses so the food often light in colour is therefore contrast against the red plates. Red is also relevant as a direct reference to blood and Vascular Dementia for which there is neither cure nor treatment available.
Kelp Vessels
Photographer: Lorraine Robson
‘Kelp’ tube vessels inspired by rotting sea weed with deflating air sacs found on loch shores. The kelp ‘tubes’ and colour red a metaphor for arteries and veins that carry lifegiving blood round our bodies like the rivers, lochs and sea that flow providing the world with precious life giving water.
Empty Vessel II
Photographer: Lorraine Robson
Hand coiled vessel, black diamond polished clay with red glaze interior.

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Disciplines Ceramics, Pottery, Jewellery
Materials Ceramics, Metal