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Place specific ceramics

About this project

These pots are made entirely from rocks and clays that I have researched, collected and prepared myself. The glazes are made form blends of powdered rocks from a particular place so that the characteristics exhibited in the final pieces are representations of the geology of specific places. It is the mineral content and impurities within these unpurified materials that gives these pieces their beautiful, rich and varied qualities and that makes them unique.


£90 — £2500


rockglaze, woodfired, glazes, landscape


Ceramics, Pottery


Ceramics, Stone, Wood
Large Galloway Jar
Photographer: Matthew Blakely
Glazed with a variety of igneous and sedimentary glazes from Galloway.
Edinburgh Sphere
Photographer: Matthew Blakely
Edinburgh mudstone with glazes from Edinburgh, including sandstone.
Dartmoor Sphere
Photographer: Matthew Blakely
Secondary kaolin based body with glazes made from Dartmoor rocks.

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Disciplines Ceramics, Pottery
Materials Ceramics, Wood, Stone