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Erosion series

About this project

An ongoing series of highly textured vessels inspired by the textures of the land around me on the Isle of Skye. Each unique piece is hand formed using techniques of texturing and stretching the clay. I use a variety of firing techniques - raku, wood firing and saggar firing, to develop the colours and density of the pieces and relate them to the natural patterns of erosion which I see in the hills.


£45 — £2500


wood fired, saggar fired, oribe glaze, Isle of Skye, hand made, texture, raku fired, raku, kuriniki, tanka fired


Ceramics, Pottery


Erosion Jar 37 'moon 3'
Photographer: Shannon Tofts
Hand formed, raku fired ceramic, ht 31cm, 2018
Erosion Jar 5 'iron in the land'
Photographer: Shannon Tofts
Saggar fired stoneware, hand built, ht 23cm 2016
Lidded Erosion Jar
Photographer: Shannon Tofts
Wood fired stoneware, high iron clay, ht 15cm 2017

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