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Pia Wüstenberg for Utopia & Utility

Mixed-media object & furniture Designer

London, Greater London


mixed-media, handmade, craftsmanship


Pia is a Product Designer with a background in materials & craft. She graduated from the RCA and now runs her own studio Piadesign as well as design brand Utopia & utility, founded in 2012 with her brother Moritz. She works closely with various European makers, wishing to highlight the beauty of craft and the value in tacit skills. Pia’s philosophy is to combine traditional materials in innovative ways that change conventional perceptions, and her motivation is to enrich life through beauty.

Available for commissions



Stacking Vessels

Disciplines Design, Ceramics, Pottery, Conceptual, Metal work, Wood, Glass, Stone working
Materials Ceramics, Glass, Mixed Media, Metal, Organic Material, Wood, Stone

Processed Paper

Disciplines Paper, Design, Furniture, Glass, Wood
Materials Mixed Media, Paper, Glass, Wood

Glass Furniture

Disciplines Conceptual, Design, Furniture, Glass, Traditional
Materials Glass, Mixed Media, Organic Material