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Crafts Council

Glass Furniture

About this project

Substantial glass pieces that are sculptural as well as functional.


glass furniture, mixed media furniture, handblown glass, unique pieces


Conceptual, Design, Furniture, Glass, Traditional


Glass, Mixed Media, Organic Material
Korkki Table unstacked
Photographer: Utopia & Utility
Korrki Table stacked
Photographer: Utopia & Utility
Big Bird
Photographer: Utopia & Utility
Making of a Big Bird
Photographer: Utopia & Utility
Photographer: Utopia & Utility

Previous project

Processed Paper

Disciplines Paper, Design, Furniture, Glass, Wood
Materials Mixed Media, Paper, Glass, Wood

Next project

Stacking Vessels

Disciplines Design, Ceramics, Pottery, Conceptual, Metal work, Wood, Glass, Stone working
Materials Ceramics, Glass, Mixed Media, Metal, Organic Material, Wood, Stone