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Processed Paper

About this project

Processed Paper is a material developed during Pia’s studies, as a technique of rolling, gluing and processing sheets into a colourful mass that reveals the layers of paper as stripes on the surface of the object. Finally the paper is combined with metal or wood to make up furniture, products and jewellery.  The resulting objects are always unique in colour and in shape. They carry the story of their making and where they come from in each line of color.


paper processed


Paper, Design, Furniture, Glass, Wood


Mixed Media, Paper, Glass, Wood
Paper Vase
Photographer: Utopia & Utility
Cuffs (designed in collaboration with Chris Gelinas NY) and pendants
Photographer: Utopia & Utility
Paper Beads
Photographer: Utopia & Utility
Pia making
Photographer: Utopia & Utility
Processed Paper Stools
Photographer: Utopia & Utility

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